Other Services

ADR Law Group is a premier provider of mediation, negotiation and other Alternate Dispute Resolution services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our specialties include renegotiating debt obligations of our corporate clients, which include both large and small firms in industries such as high tech and real estate. Many clients have retained our services to resolve complex real estate and commercial disputes. Our experienced mediators and negotiators have successfully resolved numerous highly contentious, high stakes disputes. Our mission is to use our extensive legal, business, and ADR experience to end disputes by crafting creative solutions for our clients.

  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Business Contracts
  • Employment Cases








Backed by years of experience as Judge Pro Tem and arbitrator in Superior Court, we arbitrate a wide variety of cases. Our focus is on real estate, commercial, personal injury and employment law disputes.



Our experienced mediators have resolved numerous highly contentious disputes. We have successfully mediated cases involving real estate, commercial, personal injury, and employment, among other areas of law.



We negotiate on behalf of clients in real estate, commercial and other matters, successfully terminating many disputes before litigation. We also renegotiate leases, loans, and other obligations, saving our clients thousands of dollars per month.