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A marriage doesn’t end overnight. Often the process of coming to the realization that the relationship

should not and cannot continue is a difficult one. Fear and uncertainty of the consequences to you,

your children and even your spouse can cloud finding the correct path.

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7 Most Important Divorce Considerations

More Than Mediation:

Meeting with experienced professionals with whom you can discuss your

concerns and explore options before taking any action that is difficult to

reverse is a critical part of what we offer. You and your spouse must decide

whether or not the process of mediation will be a productive endeavor.

Assessing and Discovering Solutions Together

The Court system requires that certain documents be exchanged. Of course, we provide all of the necessary

forms and direction to fulfill all requirements. For some relationships this is sufficient. However, after long

marriages or when complex financial transactions are involved, or if there are other circumstances which

are unique to your lives, the true extent of what must be considered is not readily apparent.

More Than Mediation:

The goal for most mediators is to “reach a settlement”. Whether the result is fair and

reasonable to both parties in not usually what determines success. We believe it is

critical that both parties be advised as to the issues at stake and as to

the likely range of outcomes that result in litigated cases. Provided with the knowledge

as to what is possible, a mediation can then move forward with a result which is more

likely to be fair and reasonable—to both parties.

You Are In Control Of Your Mediation

Mediation is the process of resolving a dispute without submitting the legal or factual issues to a Judge for

resolution—usually after bitter and destructive litigation takes place. Mediation is compromise; mediation

is deciding one’s own fate.

More Than Mediation:

When the time is right, we schedule meetings with both spouses and two of our professionals.

The overall costs remain the same for reasons that are fully discussed. This arrangement allows

for more open discussions, more fruitful individual meetings, and less likelihood that important

issues will minimized or not addressed appropriately.

Finalizing with Independent Counsel

It is required that both spouses obtain the advice of an independent, licensed attorney prior to entering into the

formal written agreement which will become a part of your Judgment of Dissolution.

More Than Mediation:

As a result of the unique process created by our organization, independent counsel and the client

will be aware of what considerations were involved in fashioning the proposed resolution. The

mediators in your case will be available to discuss with your lawyer the reasons underlying the

proposed resolution.

You Should Know: Divorce Court files are usually open to the public. All of your private family information—personal,

financial, and otherwise, can be seen by any person simply by requesting your file at the Court Clerks Office. 

Mediation is private—it is possible to keep almost all of your personal information out of public view.